Playa Nica Flavors created a non-alcoholic dragon fruit limeade after the drink became famous at the owners' restaurant.

The Challenge:
The client wanted her label to reflect a modern Nicaraguan style to pay homage to her heritage. The style was to be bold, and fun. The goal was to stand out from similar beverages on the market by focusing on the dragon fruit which is common in Nicaraguan culture

The Solution:
I started this project by looking at the non-alcoholic market. From my findings, this market has been on the rise since 2020 with a few larger brands jumping into the non-alcoholic beverage market. With a grasp of who the competition was, I started to research Central American art as well as pieces the client-owned. The research was the basis for my inspiration. I presented various fruit illustrations as well as color combinations that I felt represented the label. The end result was a combination of typography from the client's existing logo, a bold and fun color palette, and custom illustrations with a modern deco-inspired design. 
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